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Agricultural & Farm mechanization

Farm mechanization
For the 700 million Indians who live in rural areas, agriculture is more than just a way of life – it is their mainstay. Indian agriculture still suffers from imbalance between food crops and cash crop, low yield per hectare and wide disparity in productivity across regions and crops. Indian agriculture has been registering impressive growth with record production of wheat and rice, despite the productivity levels in major crops having stagnated over the past two decades.

One of the factors that could tip scales in India's favor and strengthen Indian agriculture on global map is farm mechanization. However, the country suffers from low levels of farm mechanization, which stems from numerous impediments, both at policy & operational level. This session would identify and deliberate on resolving issues inhibiting the growth of farm mechanization, measures needed to meet these challenges and roles the various stakeholders have therein.
Indian Agricultural Equipment market

The market for farm equipments in India is on a growth due to easy availability of finance schemes and reduction in interest rates.The Government's focus on building and improving infrastructure also had a positive effect on the overall performance of the farm equipment sector.

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