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Affordable and innovative agricultural machinery like Rice transplanters, combine harvesters, straw balers,
brush cutters, garden tillers etc

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Harvester Combine
Track type full feed combine harvester is best suited for rice and wheat.
Straw Baler
Tractor attached baler compressess the 'cut-straw' into compact bales that is easy to handle, transport, and store.
Rice Transplanter
8 row transplanter's hydraulic power pack help to elevate when stuck in field and it is also usefull for easy ridge crossing.
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Our Vision

Redlands Ashlyn Motors is the first manufacturer of harvester combines in South India.The vision of the group is to be a global player, offering affordable and quality equipment that is innovative and user friendly. More
About Us
Redlands Ashlyn Group was established in 1989.The first venture was Precision weighing balances and scales catering primarily to the jewelry industry and analytical laboratories. The group's headquarters and R & D unit in thrissur, Kerala, India
In 1989,the group entered the precision weighing balance business catering primarily to the jewelry industry and research laboratories. In 1996, a new division was formed to manufacture, market and service offset print finishing equipment.Today this division is a leading player in printfinishing and packing equipment in India.
Redlands Ashlyn Motors Plc is the latest venture of the group The factory complex is at Malumachampatty, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. The facility spans an area of 66000 sq.m and will include an engine assembly line,pre treatment plant, paint shop and assembly lines for agricultural, construction and commercial vehicles.

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  • Redlands House,
  • Karikath lane,M.G.Rd,
  • Thrissur,
  • Kerala - 680 001 INDIA.

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