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Ridge Plastering/ Bundformer

Ridge Plastering/ Bundformer
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The ridge plastering is a tractor attached implement that will build new bunds/ field ridges and also strengthen the existing bunds/ field ridges at high speed while making them stronger and aesthetically much better. It is suitable for both dry and wet conditions. Bund/ Ridge forming is a continuous and very important process in the preparation of the rice field before cultivation. The traditional manual bund/ ridge forming work is characterized by low efficiency, low strength, high cost and directly affects the profitability of rice farming.




Reverse Ridging Yes
Operating speed 0.4 to 1 km/hr
Tractor power required 30 – 70 hp
PTO Speed 540 rpm
Overall dimension LxWxH 1620 x 1660 x 1130 mm
Weight 390 kg
Linkages CAT ll STD 3 Pt linkage system


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  • hydraulic adjustment for reverse ridging
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