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Rice transplanter – RP 824

Rice transplanter – RP 824
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The RP 824 single wheel transplanter is ideal for small and medium farmers including farming contractors. It’s design is ergonomic keeping in mind the long hours operators have spend on it, economically priced and easy to maintain with basic tools and training. The cost of the RP 824 cost is just 25% of the cost of a 4 wheel transplanter, yet it can plant 2.5-3acres against 5-6 acres by a 4 wheel transplanter.

Advantages of planting by a single wheel transplanter

1. Studies have shown that the crop yield increases by an average of 30%.

2. Only 5-8kg of seeds per acre are required against 50-60kg per acre when seeds are sowed by the broadcasting method.

3. Requires less than 20% of water as compared to seed broadcasting.

4. Mechanical weeding is possible as the seedlings are evenly distributed.

5. Healthier seedlings owing to low of density of seedlings per acre and therefore less usage of pesticides.

6. Productivity equal to that of 30-40 labourers doing manual transplanting.




Engine 3.4 KW single cylinder diesel engine
Fuel consumption 500ml per hour
Lifting mechanism Hydraulics
No. of planting row 8
Row spacing 23.8 cm
Hill spacing 12,14,16,19 cm
Planting depth 0 – 5 cm
No of seedlings 2 – 8
Planting efficiency 0.36 – 0.6 acre /hour
Dimension(LxWxH) 2640 x 2150 x 1300 mm


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  • 80 % less diseases
  • Only 8 – 12 kg seeds required per acre
  • Only 3 workers instead of 60 workers
  • High yield 25 – 30 % increase
  • Less space reuired to prepare mat nursery
  • 70% water saving
  • Thicker stems avoid falling crops
  • 15 – 20 % less time required for harvesting
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