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Automatic rice nursery sowing machine rnm 600

Automatic rice nursery sowing machine rnm 600
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This machine can prepare upto 600-700 rice seedlings nursery trays in an hour, in either 24cms or 30cms tray widths. Rice transplanter machines use these trays to transplant rice seedlings in the field. On an average, 3 people can produce mat nursery trays for 40 acre per day, in an 8 hour work cycle. During the nursery tray preparation process the machine spreads the bed soil evenly on the tray, sow rice seeds, then spread the top layer of soil and then finally watering the tray in a single pass. 

Power (Swoing motor) 120w – 230 V/50 Hz
Power (transmission motor) 120W – 230 V/50 Hz
Sprinkling soil funnel volume 45L
Sowing funnel volume 30L
Covering soil funnel volume 45L
Efficiency 600 – 800(trays/hour)
Sowing quantity 65 – 150g/tray



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