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Round straw balers

Round straw balers
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Balers ensured that straw is converted into a commodity and is the last mile income for the farmer. DependIng on the model, these balers can bale rice straw, wheat straw, corn harvest residue, sugarcane harvest waste and cotton stalks. Our round straw balers use environmentally friendly organic jute twine to bind the bales making it ideal for cattle fodder as well as other applications like mushroom farming, paper industry, fuel briquettes and for power generation.


Model SBA 330

SBA 330

Extra wide

JUMBO 930 JUMBO 1208 JUMBO 1211
Type Tractor PTO operated round straw baler
Bale length 70 cm 104 cm 93 cm 70 cm 104 cm
Bale diameter 50 cm 60 cm
Bale weight 15 -20 Kg 20 -24 kg 28 – 32 kg 24 -28 kg 32 – 36 kg
Binding type     Jute twine
Pickup width 80 cm 120 cm 100 cm 80 cm 120 cm
Tractor power 25 – 60 hp 35 – 60 hp
Dimension 122x146x122 cm 124x180x122 cm 139x169x131 cm 139x146x131 cm 139x180x131 cm  
Weight 430 kg 500 kg 565 kg 510 kg 620 kg
Product Enquiry
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Bale counter
  • Heavy duty frame structure & roller
  • Bale density adjuster
  • Pick-up height adjuster
  • Extra heavy duty roller chain
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