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About Us

Redlands Ashlyn Group is headquartered in Thrissur, Kerala State, South India. In 1989, the group’s first business venture was the entry into the sale and service of Precision Weighing Balances and Scales to the Gold Jewelry Trade, Industry and Analytical Laboratories. The group later diversified into the production and sales of
- offset/ digital print finishing equipment 
- paper packaging equipment
- farm equipment

Redlands Ashlyn Motors Plc which manufactures various farm equipment, produces one of the most advanced small round balers in the world. The factory complex spans an area of 730,000 square feet at Malumachampatty, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, South India.

Some of the products in the pipeline and also other equipment produced at this facility are -:

-   Continuous Medium and Large Round Hay/ Straw Balers, 

-   Square Balers,

-   Hay Rakes,

-   Bund Formers,

-   Farm Carts,

-  Rice Transplanters

-  Germinated Rice Seeders

-  Harvester Combines

We currently have 4 groundbreaking patents related to farm machinery. By 2026, these patents will make us one of the leading Round Straw Baler manufacturers in the world. We have over the years, consistently invested a huge percentage of our resources in R&D and QC. It is this focus on research and quality that has helped us to achieve our goal of offering the innovative technology, outstanding quality and competitive pricing to our clients.



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    Our factory has one of the most modern farm equipment manufacturing facilities in India. To ensure high and consistent quality almost 70% of the components used are produced in-house in the factory.

    Machine Assembly


    •  Autonomous Assembly BOT 
    • The World’s First fully Autonomous BOT assembly line for Farm Equipment
    • Every Autonomous BOT is programmed to coordinate its height and position to match each assembly station’s operator
    • Automated Store Bots to deliver components to the assembly line
    • Laser Marked critical components
    • Automated Store Bots to deliver components to the assembly line
    • In-house Production Facility

    Most of the critical components are produced in-house to ensure the highest quality standards. Some of our production equipment 

    • World's only fully automatic roller casing production line
    • Yasakawa Robots for Welding
    • Pick and Place Robots
    • India's first Fully Automatic 7 axis baler Spring Tine Making Machine
    • India's first baler Guide Strip Production Line
    • 7 axis CNC Gear Hobber
    • CNC Vertical Machining Centers
    • CNC Lathes
    • CNC Laser Cutters
    • Laser Welders
    • Welding SPMs
    • 250 ton Double Action Hydraulic Forming Press
    • 600 ton Hydraulic Forming and Blanking Press

    Globally, the farmer is always at the lowest rung of the society both socially and financially. Their strenuous efforts to feed the world often goes unrecognized. Most farmers are forced to rely on indifferent government policies and handouts in form of subsidies. Our goal is to ease the farmer’s burden by ensuring that our equipment eases their physical strain as much as possible. All our efforts are therefore focused on accelerating mechanization in farming by combining user friendly features,  lower ownership costs through technological innovation, high quality and competitive pricing.

 Without continual growth and progress, such works as improvment, achievement, and success have no meaning.

CEO's Message

“We aspire to be one among the best in the global farm machinery sector, driven by a combination of innovation, world class quality and affordable prices. By striving to maintain the highest standards of design, production and service at all levels of our business, we hope to achieve this goal.


The overall drive in the developing world, to mechanize farming in general, is a great opportunity for us. We aim to be at the forefront of this new frontier, to fulfil the evolving needs of the farming community.


Getting to where we are now, has not been easy, in fact the journey has been slow and tortuous and the toughest challenge, has been to maintain high quality while ensuring aggressive pricing. However the results achieved, have been immensely satisfying but tempered by the feeling, that there are but miles and miles to go.


We strongly believe that man should not be saddled to hard labour due to his or her force of circumstance, as is often the case with the nature of farm work. It is a road that we need to keep trudging ahead, all the while, innovating, improving and optimising without stop. By doing so, we are sure, we will be able to make farming so much more lucrative and raise the standards of the countless millions, who today have little choice but to engage in back breaking work and subsistence farming.”

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