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We aspire to be one among the best in the global farm machinery sector, driven by a combination of innovation, quality and competitive pricing, to produce world class products at affordable prices. By striving to maintain the highest standards of design, production and service at all levels of our business, we hope to achieve this goal.


The overall drive in the developing world to mechanise farming in general is a great opportunity for Redlands, to be at the forefront of this new frontier, to fulfil the needs of the small and medium farmers. Getting to where we are now has not been easy, in fact the journey has been slow and tortuous and the hardest, has been to maintain high quality while ensuring aggressive pricing without having large volumes. However the results we have achieved, is immensely satisfying but tempered by the feeling, that we have but miles and miles to go.


We strongly believe that man should not be saddled to hard labour due to his or her force of circumstances, as is often the case with the nature of farm work in third world countries. Our dream is to make this work far easier and affordable, by developing and making available the most user friendly and quality equipment, with uncomplicated designs at extremely competitive prices. It is a road that we need to keep trudging ahead, all the while, innovating, improving and optimising without stop. By doing so, we are sure, we will be able to make farming so much more lucrative and raise the standards of the countless millions, who today have little choice but to engage in subsistence farming.


Redlands Ashlyn Group was established in 1989. Our first business foray was into precision weighing balances, with the jewellery industry and analytical laboratories being our prime clients. The group's headquarters is based in Thrissur, the cultural heart of Kerala, India.


Redlands Ashlyn Motors PLC has its factory in Malumachampatty, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. The facility spans an area of 66,000 sqm and a 40,000 sqft covered area. The company was the first to produce the round straw baler in India. The vision of the group is to be a global player, offering affordable and high quality equipment that is innovative and user friendly. The company’s major strengths are a vibrant R&D team, a very capable QC department, it’s own state of art component production facility and an efficient assembly system.

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    1989: Redlands Ashlyn group commenced operations by starting a new company Ashlyn Chemunnoor Electronics Pvt. Ltd. and entered the precision weighing balance business targeting primarily the jewelry industry and research laboratories.

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    1999: Ashlyn Chemunnoor Instruments Pvt Ltd introduced the application of XRF instruments for the non destructive analysis to assess the percentage of gold in precious metal jewellery. XRFs today help industries to conform to Rohs, ELP standards for online and offline quality control in production.

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    2006: Redlands Machinery Pvt. Ltd. was formed to manufacture, market and service offset print finishing equipment. Today this division is a leading player in printfinishing and packing equipment in India. The company produces envelope making machines at its factory in Coimbatore.

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    2008: Redlands Ashlyn Motors Plc entered the farm machinery sector. 

Redlands Machinery Pvt. Ltd

In 1996 the Redlands Machinery Pvt. Ltd. offset print finishing equipment division was added to the Ashlyn group’s product range and today the company is the lead supplier for print finishing and packing equipment in India.

AFRA Asianray Printing Equipment Trading L.L.C

AFRA Asianray Printing Equipment Trading LLC., established since 1996 in Dubai- U.A.E. has been involved in the marketing and exporting and automated print finishing and packaging equipment. Being pioneers in providing Affordable, Functional, Reliable & Automated (AFRA) print finishing solutions and with a well-established installation base of over 2000 equipments, AFRA today is one of the leading and the most trusted supplier for automated and value added print finishing and packaging equipment. AFRA International FZC is established as the regional export arm and cater to the needs of the industry in the AGCC and South Asian countries.

Without continual growth and progress, such works as improvment, achievement, and success have no meaning.