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Ridge plastering machine

Ridge plastering machine
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Ridge Plastering Machine : The ridge plastering machine will strengthen the existing bund (ridge) without damaging the height of the ridge by adding on the side ways. This machine is suitable for both dry and wet conditions.Ridge forming is a very important step in the paddy field work process. Full mechanization for paddy field work process was seriously affected due to non availability of high quality ridge forming machine.The traditional manual work is characterized by low efficiency, low product quality, high cost, leakage ridge collapse directly affects the production.




Reverse Ridging Yes
Operating speed 0.4 to 1 km/hr
Tractor power required 30 – 70 hp
PTO Speed 540 rpm
Overall dimension LxWxH 1620 x 1660 x 1130 mm
Weight 390 kg
Linkages CAT ll STD 3 Pt linkage system


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  • hydraulic adjustment for reverse ridging
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