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Rice transplanter – rp 824

Rice transplanter – rp 824
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With the intervention of rice transplanters, the problem of scarcity of labourers was dealt with. However, for using rice transplanters you will need to prepare a rice seeding mat nursery that can be done manually as well as mechanically.The biggest issue with manual bed preparation is irregular seed distribution in the mat leading to missing seedlings on the field as well as seed overlapping.

More number of labourers and time are required for manual bed preparation – as you have to prepare the land for nursery, prepare the bed, and when the seedlings are ready for planting after 12-15 days, the nursery mat should be cut as per the width of the rice transplanter’s planting tray. With RNM 600 - the Automatic Rice Nursery sowing machine from the house of Redlands, you will be able to prepare tray nurseries with ease.The RNM 600 has 3 funnels, two for soil and one for seeds. After filling both the outermost funnels with soil, fill the middle funnel with seeds.




Engine 3.4 KW single cylinder diesel engine
Fuel consumption 500ml per hour
Lifting mechanism Hydraulics
No. of planting row 8
Row spacing 23.8 cm
Hill spacing 12,14,16,19 cm
Planting depth 0 – 5 cm
No of seedlings 2 – 8
Planting efficiency 0.36 – 0.6 acre /hour
Dimension(LxWxH) 2640 x 2150 x 1300 mm


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  • 80 % less diseases
  • Only 8 – 12 kg seeds required per acre
  • Only 3 workers instead of 60 workers
  • High yield 25 – 30 % increase
  • Less space reuired to prepare mat nursery
  • 70% water saving
  • Thicker stems avoid falling crops
  • 15 – 20 % less time required for harvesting
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