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Offset Round Straw Baler

Offset Round Straw Baler
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Baler is the most environmental friendly way to collect straw from the field for ease in transportation and storage. The loose straw on the field is collected and made into square or round bales using twines. Also, baled straw just occupies ¼ space than straw stored in loose.Redlands Ashlyn Motors Plc was the first to introduce round straw balers in India. We have been the pioneers in round straw baler industry in India.

Our round straw balers use livestock friendly jute twine and not plastic wine which can dangerous for the Livestock. Our baler’s simple construction and mechanism allows anyone to easily learn to operate and service in a matter of few hours.Once the bales have been created, these can be easily transported and stored. These stored bales can be used as cattle feeder, used in mushroom farming, used in paper industry, and can be used as briquette for power generation.


Jumbo 1211 Offset straw Baler
Bale Length Bale Diameter Bale Weight Pick up width Machine Weight
104 cm 60 cm 32 - 36 kg 120 cm 620 kg**


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