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Automatic rice nursery sowing machine rnm 600

Automatic rice nursery sowing machine rnm 600
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Automatic rice nursery sowing machine is an electrical farm equipment for preparing tray nursery for transplanting in paddy field.  This single machine can prepare dual size - 24 cm and 30 cm - tray nursery according to the requirement. By using this machine  3 people can prepare mat.nursery for 40 acre per day (in 8 hours).   RNM 600 Paddy seed sowing.machine can finish bed-soil paving, watering, seed sowing,top-soil covering at one time. It consists of filling device, smoothing device, watering device, sowing device, transmission device and frame.Using RNM 600 three people can prepare 600 - 700 mat nursery trays in one hour

Power (Swoing motor) 120w – 230 V/50 Hz
Power (transmission motor) 120W – 230 V/50 Hz
Sprinkling soil funnel volume 45L
Sowing funnel volume 30L
Covering soil funnel volume 45L
Efficiency 600 – 800(trays/hour)
Sowing quantity 65 – 150g/tray



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